Silk Transformation

Progress Report on the Silk project:  After all of the hand piecing was complete I stood back and assessed the end result.  i concluded that the combination was not cohesive;  there was no harmony.  I walked away without a clue of what to do.  Much later I was in my studio sorting through some fabrics and came across some hand painted silk organza (which I love).  I use it quite often. I love the way colors and textures magically when the organza is layered. I have various color combination’s…………so, why not try these on the silk project?  Instantly I knew I had the solution.  The colors blended and the entire piece took on a wonderful ancient quality.

I realized when I stalled out that I was relying solely on fabric and stitching to bring it together; in this case, it wasn’t enough.  The silk organza diffused the colors and integrated them.  Before the center diamond was a bulls-eye instead of a focal point.

The beautiful hand stitching is now veiled and looks like a memory….of something that took place a long time ago.  This makes me look at it closer and examine the layers.  This is good.

The silk will be hand stitched.  I think this piece now has promise.


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