Interplay of colors

I never fear that someone will attempt to copy my work.  A friend of mine saw my first piece that I made for this blog: title SPECTRUM, and exclaimed, “that would look great in my house!”.  That is a great compliment.  She has been a God send to me helping with my relocation to Washington State.  She had a birthday recently and what better gift could I give to her than a piece with the same theme?  In my attempt to make one for her, I prove again to myself that it is impossible to repeat any one piece; to capture the essence.  Anytime I set out to make something new, I am filled with many ideas.  There is no way I could ever go down the same path again.  If I can’t repeat one of my own pieces, how would someone else?

Spectrum II is now in progress………

This piece has two small pieces of silk and one piece of dyed lace.

I plan to add some beads to highlight the lace.

All that is left is the stitching within the black border.

While I am in the creative process making art for someone, I think about that person the whole time; it is natural.  I like that.  Meditation of one thought pattern. I think she will like this piece just as much, if not more than the first.


One thought on “Interplay of colors

  1. Thank you for sharing this … I have made multiple small quilts for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative with hand stitching I nicknamed “moodling.” I am about to begin another after browing your blog and others. I do not want to “copy” but I do admit to being ‘inspired by’ …

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