Relocating to the North West

I have been absent.  My life has taken a huge turn. I am now packing and preparing to move to the North West to a little town called: Indianola (Kitsap County) in Washington State.

I am very excited!

The actual move will take place the end of May.

I have actually been able to do a bit of sewing; squeezed in between packing.

I will try to post some images this week.  In the meantime, I would love to know about the things happening in the Seattle area.

If you live in that area, please introduce yourself.



2 thoughts on “Relocating to the North West

  1. debbie….you will love indianola.
    i live in bellingham,wa. i quite admire you work!
    i too do fiber art, but alas, am a fulltime psychotherapist
    so my time is limited. but it is my sanity/therapy/love.
    perhaps we can meet when you get settled. i am seeking a small group that could feed the muse.
    safe travels.

  2. Welcome to Washington.I am just beginning to branch out into art quilting.I have been a “traditional” quilter for more than 40 years. I am loving your work. Vickie

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