Update 2012

It has been a LONG time since I have posted here. I have been going through a personal struggle and got very side tracked. This struggle is gradually resolving and I am resurfacing.

Currently I am working on a body of work that is for an invitational show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery on Bainbridge Islan,d WA. The show is for the month of June with the inspiration from WATER.

I am delighted to have this opportunity and it was just what I needed to get my creative mind going again.

I posted a long story about all of this on my main website www.deborahbabin.com. And, when I finished I realized that the piece I displayed qualifies as ZEN cloth and should be shown here as well.

Blue Lagoon

There are many fine details from hand stitched embroidery. My love of hand stitching is still very much alive and gives me much joy and satisfaction.

Blue Lagoon, detail

A second piece that is in the collection is primarily white. This one is minimalistic. An abstract seascape.

Serenity, 20×24″

The bottom multicolor strip is hand painted fabric paper. Layers of paper and dryer sheets painted with dye paints.

Serenity, detai

The show opens August 3rd. This is the “first Friday” opening. Wine and cheese is served. Please attend if you can!


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