Kantha Stitching

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the running stitch. The basic straight stitch, like a quilting stitch. Read about this kind of stitching here: Kantha Stitching

I love the look. I have a hard time however, staying completely simple and basic. I tend to gravitate to my bold color fabrics. I am working on a piece right now that is coming along but hasn’t come to a point where I like what is happening. It is one piece of indigo and white, off white and tan thread. Using the running stitch and variations of it, have to develop. I can’t foresee how the stitches will interact until I get enough stitching done. This can create concern, because I don’t want to waste my time and effort. Right now this piece is challenging me. I am having to reconsider areas, make the stitches denser, make some stand out more than others. And, yes, I did add some color. The indigo is looking dull. So, I have drifted off once again. It happens.

I can’t post a photo of it yet. It isn’t far enough along. I will reveal it eventually.

In the meantime here is a section of another one i did a while back. I love to take pictures in the sunshine. I love the cast shadows of the stitches.

It really isn’t about the stitches….it is the effect the stitches create as they interact.


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