Hand Stitching-Mixed Media

I have been working faithfully for six months writing an online course for the Academy of Quilting. Yes, six months! What a tedious task. I am almost finished. I am very pleased with the content.

The subject is: Mixed Media-Botanical.  I haven’t decided on the exact title just yet.

All day I have been hand stitching a piece for this course. I want to share it here.

It is an abstract composition with stitches that accent the features. I enjoyed making this. The piece is made of painted layers: interfacing, silk organza and tissue paper.
I use these in my work often. I am amazed at the results I have created. The possibilities are endless.abstract_hand-stitch_1

I can’t show the complete piece yet. The section I am showing here is focusing on couching. Couching is done to tack down yarn, string or anything that is thick. The method comes in handy. It is done by stitching over the yarn with small stitches. It is a good method to enable shaping. It can also be done by machine. I prefer to couch by hand because I have more control.

This spiral started out simple but as the spiral developed I wanted to avoid perfection. Rather than an evenly spaced spiral I wanted a “scribble”.  abstract_hand-stitch_2

As you can see the spiral was shaping up too perfect at this point. I fiddled around with the yarn until the spiral suited me. abstract_hand-stitch_3

When the spiral was done I decided to add beads to the ends. The beads are cubes. abstract_hand-stitch_4

I am quite pleased with the results.

There is a lot more to come. I will gradually reveal more of the art that is presented in the course.







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