Artful Mending

I discovered a new source for hand stitching SLOW FASHION STYLE. There is a face book group that focuses on this topic under the same name. It means to hand sew revealing the work artfully; instead of hiding or blending mending present it with pride.

This topic interests me very much. I tried my hand at this on my grandsons jeans. He had torn the knee completely across. This was the perfect subject to try. He asked for red thread. I like that. I put a new piece of denim under the hole, pinned it and stitched to attach it.

Here is an interesting video about what is going on in the UK with artful mending. VIDEO

Let me know what you think about this. Have you done any? I would like to see them. Double click the picture to see it large. Then zoom in to see the stitches. He loved them and put them on immediately. He had the biggest smile.

The knee mended with red thread.

The knee mended with red thread.


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