Mark Making with Stitch

I bought a new book:

Mark-Making in Textile Art by Helen Parrott.

The cover feels like muslin. I’ve never felt such a surface on a book. It puts you right in the mood to sew something. I like to by books but I have become very selective. Many are disappointing; nothing new to me. This one is great.

Before I got the book I made the decision to not hide knots. Rather, tie them on the surface and leave a tail. I was so delighted to see knots as marks in the book.  A good example of a finished piece is Reworkings Overall. The surface is covered with knots of various colors.

Reworkings Overall

Reworkings Overall

The most amazing examples in the book are called: Radiant Miniatures, 5×7″. Twenty or more are pictured. I quickly tried to figure out how to replicate the rhythm of the stitches. This photo is is a good example of rhythmic stitches.

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands


Visit her website too.

If you do buy the book, let me know what you think.



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