Embroidery Expertise

Filzfeinlinge-Claudia-Weinwurm-150x150I have a new online friend, Anne Lange. We have been communicating about embroidery; primarily using it as “free-form”. This is my favorite way to use embroidery.

Anne Lange teaches embroidery in her studio in Germany and at shows, but mainly in online courses on her website. Anne has a German embroidery education as well as the English City & Guilds Diploma in Design & Embroidery. She loves to simplify complicated embroidery techniques, so that people can have fun with them. Anne dyes her own threads to send them out to her online students.

The online course “Long Line” has recently been translated into English, so that students outside of Germany would be especially welcome to join in. “Long line” goes for nine months and starts every year in April and in October. To see students work and get further information you are invited to go to www.lange-nadel.de or to  http://www.facebook.com/AtelierLangeNadelSusanne-Revel

Read a free lesson in the Tutorials



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