FIBER ART CONNECTION-Learn with Eight Artists in One Session-Win a Prize!

We at FAC are SO excited to present the first session! Begins March 15th….

We have set up a blog hop to get things rolling…read how to be the winner:

Enter to win a fantastic basket of art supplies! It is easy..

Here’s how… Go to Desiree Habicht’s blog first..then proceed to the next blog tomorrow and so on until you have visited all eight blogs. Yes…the more times you comment…the more chances for you to win!


There are EIGHT artists presenting a week long course during a three month session. Each artist is unique and worth a visit. You will learn a lot just doing this!

Pay attention to the rules so you will have the most chances to win! The lucky person will be chosen on March 15th.

Be sure to do the blog hop, write your comments to be eligible to win BEFORE March 15th!!

Read about the FIBER ART CONNECTION presentation. A fantastic three month session that is about to start March 15th.

fac blog hop 600

Enter: Win the BIG basket of goodies by any of these steps:

1. Leaving a comment on the blogs

2. Sign up for the session

3. Comment on a Face Book post about this event.

4. Re post/share on face book


Read all of the details on the blogs.

You can sign up for the first FAC session NOW….HERE. 

Visit each blog post on the specific date as listed below.

If you miss one…not to worry! Just visit them all ON or AFTER the date given. Be sure to leave a comment on the blog.

Blog Hop List and Blog Post Date

3/1     Desiree Habicht

3/2    Candy Glendening

3/3     Liz Kettle

3/4     Roxane Lessa

3/7     Ruth Chandler

3/8     Cecile Whatman

3/9     Deborah Babin

3/10   Rayna Gillman


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