Fiber Art Connection-A Brand New Learning Venue

Fiber Art Connection is a brand new learning venue.

This venue will offer a three month session with eight different fiber artists…and I am one of them! I am delighted to be involved with this venture.

The inspirational art I will present features hand stitching including the simply beautiful running stitch. In fact, the banner for this blog is a close up of an area from this exact art piece. Wow!

Week 8- Join Fiber artist, Deborah Babin as she leads you into the world of layered painted fabrics and paper in her class: Zen Wreath-Mixed Media. Learn how to paint interfacing, silk organza and even tissue paper to create mysterious layers that produce spectacular results. Color washes and Deborah’s layering techniques will help you bring new depth and dimension into your own art quilts. The dynamics of the floral wreath mixed media quilt will be your inspiration. Mini projects fill the week and to prepare you to create your version or utilize the patterns provided; make it your own!

The basis for my art-

My inspiration is rooted in the history of cloth; clothing and textiles that have been in our lives from the beginning of time. The various materials made available to civilizations through technologies that evolved permeate our lives. The social significance’s pertaining to cloth and cultures surround us.  I have chosen to honor this history, primarily derived from the history of quilt making.

I believe that: Making art by hand combining applications of paint and stitching on textiles as well as paper invites us to embrace and see textiles as an art form.

Read about all of the artists HERE

WEEK 8-May 3rd.




Zen Wreath 18×18″ double click for a larger image

This composition marks the beginning of my ZEN CLOTH BLOG. This piece conceptualized my experience with the ZEN of hand stitching.  I am delighted to tell you about this here and now have the opportunity to teach the techniques I used to make it.  This piece was made quite a few years ago…probably in 2009. And yet…the techniques are as fresh as they were then….as, I still use them and love them.

The simplicity….that is where the beauty lies. The simplicity of the design, the stitching and the serenity of the over all effect.

Someone recently told me that my work was calming. What a compliment!

Zen Wreath Detail

Please take a moment and check out the FAC website. I think you will be quite amazed to see the talent that is lined up.

Let me know if you have any questions.



After many many hours of hand stitching and VERY sore fingers…..I have finished the indigo piece.




This was a very challenging piece because I didn’t like it until the last stages then I decided to add colors to the predominant white and cream color thread. I love indigo for the purity of color. I wanted to stay neutral and let the fabric and thread lead me. I was constantly thinking I should stop but I know that sometimes magic happens when you push through. I tried to decipher what was missing.  I varied the types of threads from pearl cotton fine to medium weight and then added embroidery floss. The indigo looks flat and absorbed the color of the thread. I struggled with which colors to add. I was very tempted to add red or orange and I could see that those colors would not contrast enough. The only colors I thought worked with the whites were golden yellow,turquoise, royal blue and green. Also, I discovered it is very unnatural for me to stitch freely, I constantly refer to previous stitches visually lining them up. I want to work on that tendency.


Comments and observations are always welcome.

How Handmand Goods Change the World

Any interview on ETSY: How Hand Made Goods Change the World

This is a very insightful interview. Please take a moment and read it. I found new meaning in the action and deliberateness of the process of stitching by hand. How we relate to the cloth and thread.

The Zen experience I have with hand sewing is summed up in this interview.

Do you experience these things too? Please explain.

Kantha Stitching

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the running stitch. The basic straight stitch, like a quilting stitch. Read about this kind of stitching here: Kantha Stitching

I love the look. I have a hard time however, staying completely simple and basic. I tend to gravitate to my bold color fabrics. I am working on a piece right now that is coming along but hasn’t come to a point where I like what is happening. It is one piece of indigo and white, off white and tan thread. Using the running stitch and variations of it, have to develop. I can’t foresee how the stitches will interact until I get enough stitching done. This can create concern, because I don’t want to waste my time and effort. Right now this piece is challenging me. I am having to reconsider areas, make the stitches denser, make some stand out more than others. And, yes, I did add some color. The indigo is looking dull. So, I have drifted off once again. It happens.

I can’t post a photo of it yet. It isn’t far enough along. I will reveal it eventually.

In the meantime here is a section of another one i did a while back. I love to take pictures in the sunshine. I love the cast shadows of the stitches.

It really isn’t about the stitches….it is the effect the stitches create as they interact.

Bold Color

Bold Handwork

How I love bold colors! This piece was completed about four years ago. I go through cycles and switch from handwork and then to the sewing machine. Two different channels. This piece is contemporary with running stitches all over. Just looking at this image makes me want to do some hand work.


This is another piece from the same era.


I love the texture that develops with the running stitch. I included a piece of painted paper on the right side panel.

Making Art For Friends

Making art for friends is wonderful.  Before I moved to Washington I had to say goodbye to a very close friend who I knew I would not see for a long time, if ever again.  I made a special hand stitched ZEN cloth for her.   Here is an image of it:

Both hand stitching and machine stitching are combined.  Beads are hand stitched as well.

This piece was made with a side panel and wrapped around a stretcher bar.  The backing and batting provided a padding against the hard edge of the wood.  The bars were sealed prior to prevent acid damage.

Needless to say, my friend loved this piece.

Gallery Shop-Textile Art to Own

News:  Gallery Shop Added

Owning a piece of handmade art work is such a joy!  I know I love to own art as well as create.

I am delighted to announce the opening of my new shop:

Textile Art to Own

This is an opportunity for you to purchase pieces of mine that are “intimate”.


Intimate journeys-Pieces that have meaning and unique qualities.  Journeys are explorations with textiles and mixed media.  Intimate defines the size and scale.  Most are under 20 inches square.

You are invited to check out the Gallery Shop now.

Successful Transformation

The silk project has been successfully transformed.  There is a bit more hand stitching left to do.


Corner Detail

The first round of stitches show through the organza.  I wanted to enhance and integrate the composition without losing the effort I had put in already. I like the way the stitches have taken on a mysterious look.

Another Corner Detail