Denim and Wool

I have been working with (old) denim since January. I love the texture and tones. It feels good in my hands. I also love the way wool feels. Thus, I decided to make a composition with both.

I machine stitched and hand stitched and painted with a stencil. This piece is made with black and indigo denim (some color removed) and wool.

I haven’t decided which orientation to use. I contemplating it as art…..should it be mounted on canvas? should it go on a garment? should it become the front of a bag?


7 x 14″

    I  enjoyed the gradual development. I think it is almost done.



Good blogs to follow that relate to hand sewing

Entwinements is Karren Brito’s blog. She shares cool information. She does spinning, weaving and dying

Hank & Spool is Christine Mauersberger’s website and blog. I purchased some fabulous linen thread from her.

Sprit Cloth is Jude Hill’s website and blog. I have been following her for about eight years. She writes a brief post daily. Her writing style is poetic.

Today there is an outstanding article in USA Today. I belong to Contemporary Art Quilts and we will be exhibiting at two of the locations this year. Title: 10 Best places to see amazing quilts.