Bridging Contemporary Art

sunrise_600 berries_fv1_600I am exploring how to bridge my contemporary artwork with hand work.

My contemporary work is pieced and quilted by machine.  I love to tackle the surface with rapid vigorous machine stitching including various colors and types of thread.

Now that I am exploring hand work, hand stitching I have discovered that some of my machine stitched pieces had room for improvement, at least open spaces that could be explored with stitch.

This piece is a good example.  It is declared finished after machine quilting and the edges finished with a narrow binding. Yet, the open spaces look empty so I decided to add hand stitching (as an experiment).


With much trepidation, I proceeded to sew within the open spaces.

I became more comfortable and realized this was a good decision.

I found my way around the terrain and let the needle take me for an adventurous trek.  The results show how the hand stitching further developed and transformed this piece into something much more interesting that before.

The stitches integrated the shapes which can be seen in this detail of the center.

They added depth as well as texture.  The last photo is taken with the sun shining at and angle to show the terrain of the surface (my favorite view).

With my confidence boosted and threaded needle in my hand, I decided to try this on another piece.circles_fv_600 circles_fv_sun-600 This piece includes one strip of painted paper placed vertically on the right.

This was a scrap from experimenting with construction fence as a screen.

This set up a circle motif which I repeated with rings of stitches along both sides.

Again, this piece benefitted; mostly by integration.  I am pleased with the results, but I am wondering if it is overworked.
The view in the sunshine really reveals the amount of stitching and texture there is.

This is the same piece that is shown in my previous post: Stitched Topography pertaining to morning sunshine.