Mixing Up Media-Embroidery

In my new online course MIXING UP MEDIA basic embroidery stitches are included. I love to add (simple) stitches to my art. Many times I prefer to use simple stitches with dynamic colorful thread and beads. In MIXING UP MEDIA you … Continue reading

Vivid Color

I love bold colors!

Here are some examples of some older pieces.

Berries 12x14"

Berries 12×14″











Pathways 14x14"

Pathways 14×14″

All of these, except Pathways, have three layers; art, batting, backing. This makes stitching slower but provides beautiful texture. Pathways has only 2 layers and the edges are left raw. This piece has a completely different look.

I like both. But mainly I LOVE the color.

My journey begins….

My first attempt at the concept of slow stitching was a learning experience.  I didn’t want to think about it very much because I didn’t want to lose any of my enthusiasm.  So, I quickly decided to use a block I had just pieced by machine and give it a go.  As a co incidence, a fabulous show was on TV on the science channel.  The topic was about LIGHT.  The show was continuous all day.  It was fascinating!

Learning about light, energy and COLOR.  How we actually see color with our eyes.  I listened while stitching.  How cool to hear scientific facts and being enlightened about COLOR while working with lot’s of COLOR!!  A double whammy.


When I first began I really had no idea where to start, what color to use, which direction to head.  Luckily I had quite a few colors of embroidery floss on hand.  So I pulled out all the bright colors to use.  I don’t remember where I started and I didn’t plan anything; I just enjoyed the process.  Along the way I decided to stitch into the black border to extend the design from the center using bright colors.  The remaining areas of the black border  are stitched with black silk thread.