The Wrap

I have been following jude hilltextile artist Jude Hill for quite a few years now. She remains a dominant influence for me. Actually, I started this blog when I discovered her. I was going through a challenging time and I had to find a way to calm myself. I decided to sit myself down and hand stitch as a purposeful activity to relax my mind…to create calmness; and it worked.

She has videos on you tube that are wonderful. She often records herself talking about something important. Her writing reflects her thinking which to me is equivalent to beautiful poetry. Her writings are thought provoking.

Check out what she has going on at


Hand Sewing Lace-Juarez Mexico

I came across a very unique form of hand sewn lace as done in Juarez Mexico on Facebook by Museo Textil de Oaxaca Art Gallery and Art Museum. This is an excellent facebook page on the topic of embroidery and various hand sewing methods that are representative of that area of Mexico.

Check it out here

The Randa of needle, a variant of lace that requires a lot of precision and patience in the manipulation of the thread and the needle.

There are numerous videos on related sewing methods and traditions. Very interesting!


Mixing Up Media-Embroidery

In my new online course MIXING UP MEDIA basic embroidery stitches are included. I love to add (simple) stitches to my art. Many times I prefer to use simple stitches with dynamic colorful thread and beads. In MIXING UP MEDIA you … Continue reading


After many many hours of hand stitching and VERY sore fingers…..I have finished the indigo piece.




This was a very challenging piece because I didn’t like it until the last stages then I decided to add colors to the predominant white and cream color thread. I love indigo for the purity of color. I wanted to stay neutral and let the fabric and thread lead me. I was constantly thinking I should stop but I know that sometimes magic happens when you push through. I tried to decipher what was missing.  I varied the types of threads from pearl cotton fine to medium weight and then added embroidery floss. The indigo looks flat and absorbed the color of the thread. I struggled with which colors to add. I was very tempted to add red or orange and I could see that those colors would not contrast enough. The only colors I thought worked with the whites were golden yellow,turquoise, royal blue and green. Also, I discovered it is very unnatural for me to stitch freely, I constantly refer to previous stitches visually lining them up. I want to work on that tendency.


Comments and observations are always welcome.



My second attempt at slow stitch proved to be pure adventure.  The design is machine pieced and embellished with narrow strips of scrap ribbon and organza.  The PATHWAYS.

I decided to leave the edges raw with three layers of cotton and no batting.

Hand stitched with bright colors of embroidery floss.

Size: 12×15”

pathways_detail 2_600

The PATHWAYS  are vertical and horizontal placed in the center of the design.

Colorful bugle beads highlight certain pathways.  The title reflects my search….wishing I knew where to stitch next.  Slow stitching evolves…..slowly.  So, why not enjoy the exploration? On the one hand I want to know where the paths are leading….but, then again, that would spoil the adventure.

This is new for me and I know it will take time to learn to let go and not be concerned.