Blown Away

Moving to the North West is like moving to another planet for us.  Each day we discover new things about the town, county, state and our new home.  We hear wonderful stories from people that love Indianola just like we do.

On the 4th of July we were literally “blown away” by the abundance of fireworks on the sand spit!  The rumor was that someone was going to put on a show nearby.  Well, we were shocked when the whole spit all the way around lit up.  Seems like everyone had a show.  And, I don’t mean backyard stuff…..NO! On the contrary…………..the professional stuff.  We stood on the balcony facing Seattle and all along the beach were bonfires and fireworks going off.  Right overhead.  From our bedroom we could see them on two sides……..for over an hour.

It was like each person was trying to out do the next.

We were like little kids running from window to window.

The Indian reservations are allowed to sell fireworks that are not usually permitted.  Thus, you can put on quite a show yourself, if you want to invest the money.  There was a lot of money spent by our neighbors this 4th of July.

We concluded that our arrival to the spit enhanced the enthusiasm this year.

We figured this out when


was spelled out in the sky.

and we screamed


I hope they heard us.