Felt Hand Stitched

I love working with felt. It is such a humble product. Cheap too. However, the colors that are available to us here in the US are very limited. Upon searching for additional colors I had to resort to a supplier on ETSY that is in Thailand. What is up with that?

A friend of mine had a baby girl in December. Her name is Brooke. I decided to make her a name banner using felt. It took a lot of searching for a good font that would enlarge into something I could handle and stitch and have space enough for filling. I wanted the letters to have volume. I highly under estimated this project, ten hours of concentrated effort! What a tedious process. I used the colors I had on hand for this one. I think it came out nice.

The letters are about 5″ tall. The mother liked this gift very much and plans to hang in on the wall above the baby’s crib.

Now after rethinking this project……..how would I do it differently? Would I make anymore? The effort was tremendous. I would like to find some short cuts or methods to help speed things up. IF, I were to make a similar project out of felt, I think I would prefer to make an initial and make it larger say….10″. I like to put some design work into the letters. Where to place the buttons or other things; not just haphazardly. And, what other kinds of things could I include? Lace is one. I did add a bit of lace to one side of the letter B.  Yo-yo’s are a possibility. As well as more pieces of felt.

My thinking cap is on.

I am definitely planning on making a banner with my granddaughter Madeleine, we can do this together. But, what a long name!

She is into purple, so I have ordered some shades of purple for her.