Successful Transformation

The silk project has been successfully transformed.  There is a bit more hand stitching left to do.


Corner Detail

The first round of stitches show through the organza.  I wanted to enhance and integrate the composition without losing the effort I had put in already. I like the way the stitches have taken on a mysterious look.

Another Corner Detail




My second attempt at slow stitch proved to be pure adventure.  The design is machine pieced and embellished with narrow strips of scrap ribbon and organza.  The PATHWAYS.

I decided to leave the edges raw with three layers of cotton and no batting.

Hand stitched with bright colors of embroidery floss.

Size: 12×15”

pathways_detail 2_600

The PATHWAYS  are vertical and horizontal placed in the center of the design.

Colorful bugle beads highlight certain pathways.  The title reflects my search….wishing I knew where to stitch next.  Slow stitching evolves…..slowly.  So, why not enjoy the exploration? On the one hand I want to know where the paths are leading….but, then again, that would spoil the adventure.

This is new for me and I know it will take time to learn to let go and not be concerned.