Successful Transformation

The silk project has been successfully transformed.  There is a bit more hand stitching left to do.


Corner Detail

The first round of stitches show through the organza.  I wanted to enhance and integrate the composition without losing the effort I had put in already. I like the way the stitches have taken on a mysterious look.

Another Corner Detail


Hand Piecing Kimono Silks

I decided to switch channels and work with some treasured kimono silks from my vintage collection.  The silk was pure delight to work with.  I was amazed and enjoyed feeling the soft and luscious fabric respond to my hands. The diamond-shaped embroidery in the center is unique.  It was challenging to come up with a  suitable layout to compliment it.  I began by trying out other fabrics with similar muted tones and various colors and values.  I wanted to develop the palette to relate to the 50’s era. K_center_600

Two accent pieces are appliquéd to corners to compliment the diamond.  Now additional fabrics are chosen for the surrounding border strips.

Hand piecing is new for me. I was delighted with the way the silks melded together as if they were meeting old friends.

The silks are pieced to a thin layer of muslin.  This kept the pieces from slipping around and easier to line up.  K_2_back_600 My goal was to allow the fabrics to respond rather than control them.  I was not concerned with alignment or the actual layout.  Amazingly though, the fabrics nestled together quite nicely.  The piecing went much faster than I expected.  It was a cold yet sunny winter day; with the fireplace on and my work in my lap, this stitching experience was glorious!


Next, more fabrics need to be added to the layout.   This was challenging because I didn’t have a lot of choices.  After about two hours of thinking and trying fabrics I settled upon this combination. K_1_layout_600

At this point the stitched fabrics needed to be pressed.

I cut out the strips to use and then headed back to my cozy spot by the sunny window to proceed with hand stitching.   K_nprogress_piecing_600

And so the process continued………


on…. and into the evening.

The following day, I decided that the design was complete and it was time to prepare the quilt sandwich.  The backing fabric is a nice soft cotton solid tan.  The batting is Warm and Natural.  I use basting spray to hold the layers together. K_first_stitching_600

I decided to add an arc to repeat the appliquéd pieces and this kicked off the quilting.   I wanted to use colors of thread that looked faded and relate to the vintage theme so I searched my thread collection I came across some colors that were perfect.  Hand dyed cotton that is almost black with variations of mauve and rose.  Really cool colors!

The quilting is evolving and I am really happy with this so far.

More on this during the week.