Stitched Topography

The early morning Winter sun is pure and bright.  The sun streams in through the window near my favorite place to sit…..I am dazzled by the highlighted topography the stitches make.  The same piece without cast shadows looks very different and not nearly as exciting. rainbow_sun2_600 Hand stitching  in this manner is still very new to me and I am in uncharted territory.  I am feeling my way around.  Initially this piece was a tribute to RED.  But now it has been revealed through the sun that it is actually a rainbow including arc’s of stitches.

Today I continued stitching (joyfully) now that I know the meaning of this piece; this will be my guide.

More fun with the sunshine…..a piece I finished a few days ago came together quite nicely. Machine pieced cotton is layered with several pieces of multicolor organza. Painted paper is included in the composition as well.  The hand stitching integrated all of the pieces and layers beautifully.  I am really pleased with the results.