Since we moved in I have devoted my attention to the house, yard, family and enjoying the summer.  I decided to define the time between now and through autumn as an official sabbatical. My studio  is in progress; just like a work of art.  The new floor is almost finished.  Now the storage units need to be built.  This will happen soon.

In the meantime, we are involved in another art form, landscaping.  We have hired a very special person, Shelley Johansson to landscape our new garden.  What fun it has been to watch it evolve.  I am learning new ways to see things from the earth and surroundings.  Things grow here that I have never seen before.  And, thrive!

The first (major) detail is a fantastic water feature.  This is created with boulders from the mountains in the east near my daughters home in Snoqualmie.  The boulders fall and roll down the mountains naturally; with wonderful rich moss still growing on them.  These were drilled in the center and strategically placed in a prepared rock bed.  What a feat to witness.

See the video here:

More on this as things continue to evolve.